Pasta with breadcrumbs: Cucina Povera from Basilicata

Menus in a foreign language can be very perplexing. The solutions so far haven’t been so helpful; no Self-respecting foodie would even think of going to a restaurant that relied on pictures to tell the story of how the food looks, for example.

But people like seeing pictures on the web. That’s ok.

So what we’re doing is giving you the pictures in private, then telling you how an Italian dish is generally prepared, in which region you’d expect to find it, and where it goes on the menu. When the site is fully populated we’ll turn it into an app so you can carry it around on your phone so that when you see something on the menu that totally baffles you, like Chicche con cicale di mare you can say, “gosh, I’ve wanted to taste that since I got this wonderful app on my phone and saw the picture!”

And since there can’t be a person on earth who can resist the taste of sea-grasshopper, why would anyone pass up the opportunity to eat well just because the Italian title didn’t register in those little gray cells?

The site is just being built. You can poke around a bit in the wreckage as we add stuff and spiff up the environment with noodles of code, but we have no idea of how you found us so soon in the process.

But welcome nevertheless.