Giardiniera alla Piemontese
Pickled vegetables Piemonte style

Giardiniera alla Piemontese

If you are familiar with the American version of Giardiniera, you know the puckery, acidic version of preserved vegetables. A tradition in Piemonte is Giardiniera alla Piemontese, which has tomato, as you can see by the picture, and a more balanced sweet and sour flavor. If you dislike the American industrial version of giardiniera, don’t hesitate to try the version they favor in the mountainous parts of Piemonte, where preservation of vegetables over the harsh winters was historically a matter of survival. The picture is from a restaurant in the Val Chisone.

Giardiniera alla Piemontese is often served on a mixed platter of typical starters along with local salumi and cheese.

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Italian Name: Giardiniera alla Piemontese
English Name: Giardiniera
Course: antipasti / appetizers
Where you're most likely to find it: Piemonte