• Faraona Arrosto

    A faraona on the menu refers to a guinea fowl that’s been roasted or braised in a liquid as a main course or secondo piatto on an Italian menu.

    English Name: Guinea fowl · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Grigliata Mista

    Grigliata mista is the Italian mixed grill that can be made up of carne (meat) pesche (fish) or fruitti di mare (shelfish with a few fish thrown in).

    English Name: Mixed grill · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Osso Buco

    Osso buco is a cross-cut veal shank braised long and slow in white wine, broth and vegetables.

    English Name: braised veal shank · Course: Secondo piatto, main course or piatto unico with risotto alla milanese · Author

  • Pani ca' Meusa

    Pani ca’ Meusa is a spleen sandwich, a cheap meal in Palermo from restaurants and stands on the street.

    English Name: Spleen Sandwich · Course: Main course, street food · Author

  • Peposo, a Peppery Beef Stew

    Peposo is a beef stew flavored with an abundant dose of ground black pepper. Have it in the area south of Florence in and around the town of Impruneta.

    English Name: Beef stewed with black pepper · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Piccione

    Piccione are young, pre-flight pigeons, usually grilled to a medium doneness for a main course on menus in Italy.

    English Name: Squab · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Pizza Bianca

    The white pizza, pizza bianca, comes without that tomato sauce base you’ve come to expect. But you don’t need tomato on a pizza, and a white pizza can be a blank canvas for creative pizza wizards.

    English Name: White pizza · Course: Secondo piatto, main course, or sometimes a primo if you like · Author

  • Pizza Capricciosa

    Pizza Capricciosa has a standard list of ingredients for toppings, but other toppings can be added capriciously. And that’s the fun of it.

    English Name: Pizza Capriciosa · Course: Second or as Street Food · Author

  • Polpettone di carne: meatloaf or meatballs

    Ground meat, seafood, or even vegetables and toasted bread crumbs can be made into the Italian version of meatloaf and (meat)balls.

    English Name: Meatloaf or meatballs · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Saltimbocca alla Romana

    Saltimbocca alla Romana, a Roman classic main course, will jump in your mouth with a combination of veal, prosciutto, sage and white wine.

    English Name: Veal with prosciutto and sage in a wine sauce · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author