• Cima Genovese

    Cima Genovese is a complex Ligurian main dish in which a veal stomach is stuffed with a variety of good things to eat and cooked in water.

    English Name: Stuffed Veal Stomach · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Coniglio alla ligure

    Coniglio alla ligure on an Italian menu signifies rabbit is cooked with aromatic vegetables, wine, and two iconic Ligurian ingredients: olives and pine nuts.

    English Name: Rabbit, Ligurian Style · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Faraona Arrosto

    A faraona on the menu refers to a guinea fowl that’s been roasted or braised in a liquid as a main course or secondo piatto on an Italian menu.

    English Name: Guinea fowl · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Frittura all'italiana

    Frittura all’Italiana is a fry-up of lightly battered seasonal vegetables and meat served in many places on the Italian peninsula. With many regional variations, it’s an adventure in eating.

    English Name: Italian fry-up · Course: Secondo, although can be served as an antipasto · Author

  • Grigliata Mista

    Grigliata mista is the Italian mixed grill that can be made up of carne (meat) pesche (fish) or fruitti di mare (shelfish with a few fish thrown in).

    English Name: Mixed grill · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • La Coratella

    You might see coratella on the menu anywhere there’s lamb during the Easter season, especially in poorer regions like Le Marche, where it is a traditional part of Easter feasting.

    English Name: Coratella · Course: Seconda · Author

  • Maiale in crosta d'pancetta con puré

    Maiale in crosta d’pancetta con puré is a delicious way to stimulate your inner “meat and potato” urges. The roast pork in a pancetta (cured but unsmoked “bacon”) crust with mashed potatoes hits the spot when you’ve been eating unfamiliar things in a foreign country.

    English Name: Roast pork in a pancetta crust with mashed potatoes · Course: Secodo Piatto · Author

  • Maialino or Maialetto Sardo

    If the truth be know, I’d go to Sardinia just for the Maialino Sardo. The Sardinian spit roasted suckling pig is just that good.

    English Name: Sardinian Suckling Pig · Course: Secondo Piatto · Author

  • Osso Buco

    Osso buco is a cross-cut veal shank braised long and slow in white wine, broth and vegetables.

    English Name: braised veal shank · Course: Secondo piatto, main course or piatto unico with risotto alla milanese · Author

  • Ossobuco

    Ossobuco, a long cooked veal shank, is a classic dish of Milan,

    English Name: Ossobucco · Course: secondo or main course · Author