Animelle d'Abbacchio
Lamb offal for the beginner

Animelle d'abbacchio | Lamb Sweetbreads

Animelle d’Abbacchio refers to sweetbreads, the thymus gland and pancreas of an unweaned milk-fed spring lamb so beloved in Rome. In the picture you see them grilled, and they were very, very good.

If the thought of eating offal doesn’t make you retch, then this is where you should start. The flavor is quite mild and creamy, and was enhanced by the char of the grill—or by an acidic sauce, hence the lemon on the plaate. Breaded and fried is another popular presentation.

We had this dish at Ristorante Matricianella in the Campo Marzio rione of Rome.

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Italian Name: Animelle d'Abbacchio
English Name: Lamb Sweetbreads
Course: Secondo piatto, main course
Where you're most likely to find it: Rome