Try a classic veal shank dish from Milano

Osso Bucco and Fresh Peas

Ossobuco is a traditional dish from Milan, often served beside a scoop of Risotto Milanese. It is a cut of veal shank, thus “a bone with a hole in it”, long cooked in white wine, broth, or a combination of the two. In the final moments of cooking, a gremolata is added, consisting of lemon peel, garlic and parsley. Variations abound, and you might find leek, onion, carrot, rosemary, tomatoes, or even a bit of anchovy in the dish. In Siena, where tarragon is found in the hills near the city, you’ll find versions flavored with that herb. Peas, as seen in the photo, are another traditional accompaniment.

These days you might also see Ossobuco di tacchino on a menu, a variation made with the thigh bones of a turkey, albeit without the bone marrow you get with the veal.

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Italian Name: Ossobuco
English Name: Ossobucco
Course: secondo or main course
Where you're most likely to find it: Milan, but found in many places in Italy.