• Farinata

    Farinata is a healthy and tasty chickpea pancake served as a starter in a traditional restaurant or as street food from little stands in Liguria and northern Tuscany.

    English Name: Chickpea pancake or crepe · Course: antipasti / appetizers / street food · Author

  • Olive Ascolane

    One of Italy’s most unique antipasti are these stuffed, breaded and fried olives from Ascoli Piceno, a fantastic city in Le Marche.

    English Name: Fried, stuffed olives · Course: Antipasti, Street Food · Author

  • Tiella

    Tiella is a mostly vegetable casserole that becomes portable when made with a crust.

    English Name: Tiella · Course: Antipasto or Street Food · Author

  • Torta d'erbe

    Torta d’erbe is a vegetable pie served as part of an antipasti plate or as a bar snack in Italy. They are especially popular in La Lunigiana, a historic territory in northern Tuscany.

    English Name: Vegetable Pie · Course: Appetizer, snack, street food · Author