• Acciughe Marinate

    Acciughe marinate (or alice marinate) refers to marinated anchovies, a light antipasti or appetizer before the primo piatto on an Italian menu.

    English Name: Marinated Anchovies · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Bagna càuda

    Bagna càuda is a fondue of garlic, olive oil and anchovies served with raw, sliced vegetables during the colder weather in Piemonte.

    English Name: Bagna càuda · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Bruschetta al pomodoro

    Like most of Italian food, Bruschetta al pomodoro is as simple and dependent upon the quality of its basic ingredients as it is delicious when made right.

    English Name: Toasted bread with tomatoes and garlic · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Farinata

    Farinata is a healthy and tasty chickpea pancake served as a starter in a traditional restaurant or as street food from little stands in Liguria and northern Tuscany.

    English Name: Chickpea pancake or crepe · Course: antipasti / appetizers / street food · Author

  • Giardiniera alla Piemontese

    Giardiniera alla Piemontese is a typical pickled vegetable dish often served on a mixed antipasto platter in Piemonte.

    English Name: Giardiniera · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Lardo

    Lardo, the best known example called Lardo di Colonnata, is simply served on warm, toasted bread as an appetizer in anticipation of an Italian meal.

    English Name: Backfat · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Polpo con Patate

    Polpo con Patate is a Ligurian specialty antipasto that combines tender, long-cooked octopus with boiled potatoes and the region’s fine olive oil.

    English Name: Octopus with potatoes and olive oil · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Sgabei

    Sgabei is a fried bread found in the Magra valley of the Lunigiana and used as an accompaniment to meats and cheeses of an antipasto misto in the Lunigiana historic territory and the Emilia Romagna region.

    English Name: Fried bread · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Supplì

    Supplì are what we might call “rice balls”, an unromantic name for this antipasto or street food commonly found in Rome and on the island of Sicily.

    English Name: Deep fried rice balls · Course: antipasti / appetizers / street food · Author

  • Taglieri di salumi

    A plate of cold cuts, taglieri di salumi, can be a fine regional start to a meal as an antipasto. You can order one to share before your meal.

    English Name: Cold Cut Assortment · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author