• Acciughe Marinate

    Acciughe marinate (or alice marinate) refers to marinated anchovies, a light antipasti or appetizer before the primo piatto on an Italian menu.

    English Name: Marinated Anchovies · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Bagna càuda

    Bagna càuda is a fondue of garlic, olive oil and anchovies served with raw, sliced vegetables during the colder weather in Piemonte.

    English Name: Bagna càuda · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Bruschetta

    Especially in summer, a starter of fire-roasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil can be the perfect appetizer or bar snack.

    English Name: Bruschetta · Course: Antipasto · Author

  • Bruschetta al pomodoro

    Like most of Italian food, Bruschetta al pomodoro is as simple and dependent upon the quality of its basic ingredients as it is delicious when made right.

    English Name: Toasted bread with tomatoes and garlic · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Farinata

    Farinata is a healthy and tasty chickpea pancake served as a starter in a traditional restaurant or as street food from little stands in Liguria and northern Tuscany.

    English Name: Chickpea pancake or crepe · Course: antipasti / appetizers / street food · Author

  • Giardiniera alla Piemontese

    Giardiniera alla Piemontese is a typical pickled vegetable dish often served on a mixed antipasto platter in Piemonte.

    English Name: Giardiniera · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Insalata Caprese

    If you happen to be in Campania when the tomatoes are ripe, have an Insalate Caprese, a mozzarella, tomato and basil salad that originated on the island of Capri. It’s great on a hot day, and best eaten within view of the sea.

    English Name: Capri Salad · Course: Antipasto--Can be had as a main course as well. · Author

  • Lardo

    Lardo, the best known example called Lardo di Colonnata, is simply served on warm, toasted bread as an appetizer in anticipation of an Italian meal.

    English Name: Backfat · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Mortadella

    Mortadella, not baloney, is a sublime baked pork pudding that has been around since Roman times. Try some in Italy.

    English Name: Mortadella · Course: Antipasto--and as an ingredient in other dishes · Author

  • Olive Ascolane

    One of Italy’s most unique antipasti are these stuffed, breaded and fried olives from Ascoli Piceno, a fantastic city in Le Marche.

    English Name: Fried, stuffed olives · Course: Antipasti, Street Food · Author