Braciola di maiale alla griglia
Sometimes only a simple pork chop will do

Braciola di maiale alla griglia | grilled pork chop

Braciola di maiale alla griglia means a simple, grilled pork chop. You may see “costata” instead of braciola, which means “rib eye” and is used often with that cut of beef.

For the best flavor, look for a hardwood fire burning—often outside the kitchen so it can heat the dinning room in winter—“alla griglia can also mean that it’s cooked on a grill plate, “al carbone” means cooked via charcoal.

In the example shown here, the chop has been “perfumed” with fresh thyme which is foraged for in the Italian countryside. It was an excellent pork chop.

How to say “Braciola di maiale alla griglia” in a restaurant.

How to Order A grilled pork chop in a restaurant in Italy.

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Italian Name: Braciola di maiale, costata di maiale
English Name: Pork chop
Course: Secondo piatto, main course
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy