Maiale in crosta d'pancetta con puré
Meat and Potatoes Done Deliciously

Roast Pork with a pancetta crust with pureed potatoes | Filetto di maiale in crosta di pancetta con Puré

Maiale in crosta d’pancetta con puré is roast pork with a pancetta crust with pureed potatoes—in this case augmented with rosemary. It’s a simple meat and potato dish that is fantastic when done right.

Note: puré is the word used in much the same way we use the word “puree” in English. When there is no modifier, it refers to potatoes. The Italian word “pure” on the other hand is the word for “also”, another word used by waiters when reciting the specials of the day, i.e. you can have this, pure… that

This dish, as shown indicates how much more meat Italians consume than they might have during the lean years, when a few ounces of meat along with three ounces of pasta would be a feast.

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Italian Name: Maiale in crosta d'pancetta con puré
English Name: Roast pork in a pancetta crust with mashed potatoes
Course: Secodo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy