Acciughe Marinate
You say "Alici" and I say "Acciughe", let's call the whole thing Anchovies

Acciughe Marinate | Marinated Anchovies

Acciughe Marinate are marinated anchovies. The dish can also be called Alici Marinate, “alici” pronounced a-li’-chee. Alici and acciughe are the same fish, but there is endless debate on how they are used on the Italian menu. Acciughe usually refers to the salted fish that’s often packed in oil, while “alici” might refer to a lighly salted fish or one that remains white because it is cured in an acid like lemon juice and/or vinegar, its flesh white compared to the brown flesh of the acciughe.

The marinade can be simply olive oil, a bit of lemon zest and garlic, or herbs may be added. It makes for a nice, light appetizer.

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Italian Name: Acciughe Marinate or Alici Marinate
English Name: Marinated Anchovies
Course: antipasti / appetizers
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy