• Acciughe Marinate

    Acciughe marinate (or alice marinate) refers to marinated anchovies, a light antipasti or appetizer before the primo piatto on an Italian menu.

    English Name: Marinated Anchovies · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Polpo con Patate

    Polpo con Patate is a Ligurian specialty antipasto that combines tender, long-cooked octopus with boiled potatoes and the region’s fine olive oil.

    English Name: Octopus with potatoes and olive oil · Course: antipasti / appetizers · Author

  • Rossetti con carciofi

    Rosetti con carciofi is an antipasto dish of steamed tiny fish and raw slivers of artichoke drizzled with olive oil.

    English Name: Tiny fish with artichokes · Course: Antipasti · Author