No Baloney! The Italian version is great food.

Mortadella di Bologna

Thin slices of Mortadella can be eaten as a part of an antipasto platter or by itself with gnocco fritto or sgabei. It is usually available as a sandwich in bars around Italy.

Large tubes of Mortadella are made with a mixture of pork cuts and at least 15% small cubes of pork fat before being baked for a long time in a dry oven. It may have pistachios or peppercorns inside.

Mortadella is of Roman origin, who valued it as an artisanal food preparation. It is named after the “mortar” that pounds the pork into a paste. Today it is one of the least expensive meats in the deli, with an etto of it, almost a quarter pound, going for less than a euro.

You’ll also find it minced and hidden inside ravioli preparations and in stuffed zucchini. Cut into cubes it pairs well with sauteed green beans or in a green bean salad.


Italian Name: Mortadella
English Name: Mortadella
Course: Antipasto--and as an ingredient in other dishes
Where you're most likely to find it: Bologna