Get your veggies out of the way first

Pinzimonio is the perfect antipasto to have before an enormous bistecca (beefsteak), as you might do while feasting at the Dario Cecchini’s famed Officina della Bistecca in Panzano as we did.

Pinzimonio isn’t just a bowl of cleaned and raw vegetables in season, it’s the spiced olive oil you dip them in that makes it all worth while, especially if the oil is a particularly good one.

Fennel is one of the vegetables I think goes very well with the oil. But you might find spring onions, carrots, radishes, celery, or sweet peppers. The French would call them crudités.

The oil may be “pinched” (the meaning of pizimonio) with fresh herbs, garlic, salt, and perhaps anchovy. Sometimes its adulterated/enhanced with Balsamic vinegar, especially around Modena.

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Italian Name: Pinzimonio
English Name: Pinzimonio
Course: Antipasto
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy