Polpo con Patate
Liguria's iconic octopus appetizer is a hearty one

Polpo con patate | Octopus with potatoes

Polpo con Patate, boiled octopus and potatoes, can be seen on a menu as “polpo e patate” or even “polpo in umido con patate”. It brings together the riches of the coast with the brilliant yellow Ligurian olive oil and the fine potatoes grown on Ligurian soil.

The dish is not meant to be served steaming hot. It is considered a insalata tiepida; it tastels best when served just warm rather then hot. It’s the reason to try this dish in Italy; it would be illegal in many American restaurants because it is not served just out of the boil or at refrigerator temperature as the “health” law requires (read: It’s easy to just hand a lowly paid idiot a thermometer in order for him or her to make a simple, binary judgement about the apparent danger inherent in the food, even if there is no danger in food served inside the “danger” temperature range.)

This makes a rather large antipasto, so you might want to consider sharing an order or ordering it as a main course or secondo piatto.

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Italian Name: Polpo con Patate
English Name: Octopus with potatoes and olive oil
Course: antipasti / appetizers
Where you're most likely to find it: Liguria