• Corzetti or Croxetti with Marjoram Pesto

    Corzetti are a type of stamped pasta found in the Liguria region, often sauced with marjoram pesto, pesto Genovese, or a special Ligurian ragu u tuccu.

    English Name: Croxetti with Marjoram Pesto · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Panigacci al pesto

    Panigacci al pesto is a primo piatto found in a very limited corner of La Lunigiana, in the towns of Aulla and Podenzana.

    English Name: (Crepes?) with pesto · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pasta (trofie) zucchine e noci

    Pasta with walnuts and zucchini is a spring primo piatto that’s simple and satisfying without tomatoes.

    English Name: Pasta with zucchini and walnuts · Course: Primo Piatto, Pasta · Author

  • Pasta con fave e pecorino

    The first tender fava beans are a sign of spring in Italy, and are combined with pecorino cheese, mint, and sometimes pecorino cheese in this classic spring dish.

    English Name: Pasta with Fava Beans and Pecorino Cheese · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Penne Arrabbiata

    Penne Arrabbiata is basic pasta that’s spicy, the degree of “madness” determining how much stinging of the tongue the pasta will produce.

    English Name: Penne in a spicy tomato sauce · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pici all'Aglione

    Pici all’Aglione is a fat spaghetti made without eggs sauced with long-cooked tomatoes and lightly sauteed garlic—lots of it!

    English Name: Pici pasta with a garlic sauce · Course: Primo Piatto · Author