Penne Arrabbiata
Madness and heat are at the heart of this simple pasta

Penne Arrabbiata - Mad Pasta

Penne Arrabbiata is translated as Mad Penne, the word “penne” deriving from the pasta shape and the madness from the dried red pepper added to the tomato sauce. Madder is hotter.

The penne in the picture is really mezza penne, or half penne, and it’s really mezza penne rigate, that is, ridged to hold the sauce.

This is part of the tomato sauce continuum that starts with pasta al pomodoro, adds pepper to become pasta Arrabbiata, and then some black olives minus the garlic for alla putanesca the prostitute’s pasta.

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Italian Name: Penne Arrabbiata
English Name: Penne in a spicy tomato sauce
Course: Primo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Rome, but now available all over Italy