Panigacci al pesto
Bread cooked in a terracotta "testa" as a pasta substitute

Panigacci al pesto

Panigacci al pesto is a primo piatto found in a very limited corner of La Lunigiana, the northern corner (historic territory) of Tuscany. Panigacci is an unleavened flatbread that can be used in many ways. This “pasta” course is typical, but the panigacci can also be served with olive oil and Pecorino cheese. Sometimes testaroli are substituted for panigacci outside the territory. Testaroli are leavened, but taste quite similar after being baked in a “testa” over an open hardwood fire like the panigacci.

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Italian Name: Panigacci al pesto
English Name: (Crepes?) with pesto
Course: Primo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: La Lunigiana