Cannelloni, a blank canvas for interesting stuffings and sauces


Cannelloni is a pasta that is made commercially in the form of big tubes that can be stuffed and baked, covered in a sauce. The “made in house” versions are made from sheets of fresh pasta rolled around the filling. In the picture, the fresh pasta contains crushed olives and it is stuffed with “erbe di Campo, Robiola e Riccotta”, or field greens and robiola and riccotta cheeses. The sauce is a creme of greens. It was a spectacular dish.

Robiola is a soft-ripened cheese from the Langhe in Piemonte. It is made with a combination of cow, goat and sheep milk.

The picture is from the Osteria del Monsignore, Via Bonaparte, 16 in Sarzana. Facebook page.

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Italian Name: Cannelloni
English Name: Cannelloni (Italian for large canes or reeds)
Course: Primo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy