Lombrichelli allo Scoglio
Worm your way through this tasty seafood dish!

Lombrichelli allo Scoglio, a handmade thick spaghetti with seafood.

Lombrichelli allo Scoglio is a type of handmade and rustic thick spaghetti with seafood. Allo Scoglio signifies that the seafood has come from the shoals. Here the sauce and sea critters are tied together with a handmade pasta typical of the Lazio region, typically around Tuscania and Viterbo, called Lombrichelli, meaning “worms”.

Many people in the United States think of spaghetti as a dish, typically with a ragu, or meat sauce. The spaghetti “family” of pasta has an amazing family tree in Italy, and isn’t associated with a particular sauce or condiment. In Umbria you’ll find the same pasta, called umbricelli, which also means “worms” in the local dialect. Add fat in the form of olive oil or an egg yolk and you’ll have pici as is popular in Tuscany. In addition, the types and sizes of industrial, extruded spaghetti you’ll find in an Italian store will amaze most folks. Even more amazing is the types of sauces that go with each.

Pasta is not simple in Italy. Nor is this dish particular easy to pronounce for those who don’t speak Italian.

This dish, served as Lombrichelli di Gusto was sampled at Gusto Bistrot in Tarquinia Lido.

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Italian Name: Lombrichelli allo Scoglio
English Name: Fat spaghetti with seafood
Course: Primo Piatto, Pasta
Where you're most likely to find it: Lazio