The King of the Bread Soup Family


Ribollita is a Tuscan bread soup made with white beans and leafy greens.

Ribollita has an interesting origin. According to Giallo Zafferano, it came out of a Medieval Tradition in which the nobels had their dishes served inside a bread called “mense”. They didn’t eat the bread, so it was handed over to the servants, who added some water and common vegetables and reheated it.

There are regional variations on this bread soup, including the inclusion of tomatoes and potatoes, but the bread, beans, and some black cabbage, cavalo nero are somewhat standard. The soup gets its thickness from mashing a portion of the beans and the bread.

Ribollita makes a fine spring or fall soup when you’re feeling the chill. The soup is fairly common in the Chianti region between Florence and Siena.

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Italian Name: Ribollita
English Name: Ribollita
Course: Primo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Tuscany