Zuppa Cuata: Cheese and Bread Soup
Sardinian soup like you've never had it

Zuppa Cuata, a Sardinian soup that's not souply.

Zuppa Cuata may upset your ideas of how “souply” your soup should be. Yes, there’s broth in it, but essentially the dish is country bread layered with cheese and herbs like wild fennel. Broth is added to just wet the bread, then a final and abundant layer of cheese to guarantee a crusty top layer is added and it all goes into the oven.

The picture illustrates how they serve Zuppa Cuata at La Saletta in Alghero on Sardinia’s northwestern coast. On the menu it’s listed as “Zuppa Cuata”, Spianata di Ozieri, Finocchietto Salvatico. Spianata di Ozieri is a flatbread made with lievito madre, often seen at wedding feasts.

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Italian Name: Zuppa Cuata
English Name: Bread and Cheese Soup
Course: Primo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Sardinia