Trenette alla renaiola
Eat the Way the Barge Boys of Pisa Ate

Le trenette alla renaiola, an old Pisan recipe by sand barge sailors.

It’s unlikely you will encounter Trenette alla Renaiola outside of Pisa, but it’s here to remind you of the diversity of pastas dishes available in Italy.

Trenette alla Renaiola was a simple pasta the hearty men plying the sand barges along the Arno typically prepared on board. In this case it’s a long, squiggly pasta type squirming in a condiment composed of turnip greens (cime di rape), herring, garlic, and a bit of tomato. The versions I’ve had are very, very green, as you see in the picture. It’s really a whole meal in itself.

The pasta you see here is not trenette, which is a flat pasta about he width of linguine. The restaurant substituted lasagnette on this occasion.

If you enjoy this dish in Pisa, and since it is a maritime dish, you would do well to saunter over to the Historic Ships Museum to learn about how things were transported in Roman times and later.

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Italian Name: Trenette alla Renaiola
English Name: Trenette pasta the Renaiola Way
Course: Primo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Pisa