• Cacciucco

    Cacciucco began in Livorno, as Cacciucco alla Livornese, a slightly spicy fish stew that has spread along the Tuscan coast.

    English Name: Fish Stew · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Calamari con piselli

    A classic of the Italian kitchen, Calimari con piselli, squid with peas, is best when peas are in season.

    English Name: Squid with peas · Course: Secondo Piatto, or with rice or couscous a Piatto Unico · Author

  • Triglie

    Triglie are a delicate white fleshed fish with a reddish skin most commonly found on Italian menus in the form of Triglie alla Livornese, cooked gently in a tomato based sauce.

    English Name: Red Mullet · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author