Classic Fish Stew, Tuscan Style

Cacciucco, a hearty and slightly spicy fish and shellfish stew

Cacciucco began in Livorno, as Cacciucco alla Livornese. It’s a stew of fish and shellfish in a slightly spicy tomato broth that began as a way of fishermen to make something of the little fishes left over that weren’t sold after the catch. The bowl, or here a saute pan, is lined with toasted bread to absorb the fish-rich broth. This is a dish that is both elegant and messy. It is likely the origin of San Francsico’s cioppino.

Cacciucco has now spread through the territory, and the example in the picture is from Torre del Lago.

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Italian Name: Cacciucco
English Name: Fish Stew
Course: Secondo piatto, main course
Where you're most likely to find it: Livorno, now spread to the Tuscan Coast