Peposo, a Peppery Beef Stew
You don't expect a spicy kick in your Tuscan food, but there are exceptions

Peposo, Peppery Stew from Impruneta

Although unknown in the US, Peposo is a Tuscan beef stew made with garlic, tomato sauce, red wine and abundant amounts of black pepper. It’s origins are quite interesting. According to food writer Kyle Phillips:

Peposo is the signature stew of Impruneta, a town south of Florence renowned for its terracotta. Indeed, it was made by the tileworkers, who would slip a stewpot into the kiln as it slowly cooled after the firing, and simmer their dinner for hours.

The zing to this slow-cooked dish comes from the black pepper, usually added to the dish ground, which makes the taste of pepper quite dominant. If the cook uses whole pepper, the effect is quite a bit more subtle.

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Italian Name: Peposo
English Name: Beef stewed with black pepper
Course: Secondo piatto, main course
Where you're most likely to find it: Imprunetta (Tuscany)