Stufato di Vitello | Stewed Veal
An Italian classic that can wow you softly

Stufato di Vitello | Stewed Veal

Stufato di Vitello (con patate) is a veal stew, as shown in the picture, with potatoes. This is as it was served at the Ristorante Venelia in the Lunigiana territory of Tuscany. It might also be called a spezzatino di vitello. Both are stews, but the usual distinction is this: a spezzatino indicates that the meat is “broken” or cut into pieces. I’d certainly say the dish in the picture qualifies, but the restaurant confirms it offered stufato di vitello to us, so I’d say the distinction is fairly narrow.

Veal is a special treat in Italy since we don’t get so much of it anymore in the US. Long cooking makes it nearly melt into your mouth, and you’ll tear through lots of bread to “fare la scarpetta” or “make the little shoe” to sop up that great sauce. At home, cooks are advised to serve it with rice.

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Italian Name: Stufato di Vitello
English Name: Veal Stew
Course: Secondo Piatto
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy