Bollito alla picchiapò
Delicious stew from the meat left over from making broth

Bollito alla picchiapò

Bollito alla picchiapò is yet another cucina povera dish of Rome. It is a way to use up the meat that was used to make a beef broth. It uses a tomato sauce with white wine, often with the addition of a bit of sugar and milk to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes to bring it in line with the meat, which has lost some of its flavor from the process of making the broth. This version was tasted at the Ristorante Rolli 1 in Trastevere.

This Secondo Piatto should be combined with a Primo Piatto that doesn’t use tomato in the sauce.

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Italian Name: Bollito alla picchiapò
English Name: Boiled beef with tomato sauce
Course: Secondo
Where you're most likely to find it: Rome, Lazio