• Pasta con fave e pecorino

    The first tender fava beans are a sign of spring in Italy, and are combined with pecorino cheese, mint, and sometimes pecorino cheese in this classic spring dish.

    English Name: Pasta with Fava Beans and Pecorino Cheese · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pasta con le Sarde

    Pasta con le Sarde is a typical Sicilian dish using sardines and saffron, reflecting the Arabic influence on Sicilian kitchens.

    English Name: Pasta with sardines · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pasta e fagioli

    Pasta e fagioli is a simple pasta or soup dish depending upon how much liquid the cook allows in the dish. It’s winter comfort food at it’s best, simple, warming, and basic.

    English Name: Pasta and beans · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pasta e fave

    Italians celebrate spring by featuring fava beans as an appetizer course and in pastas as a prime spring primo piatto.

    English Name: Pasta with fave beans · Course: Primo Piatto - sometimes as appetizer without the pasta · Author

  • Penne al Salmone

    Penne al salmone is penne pasta with smoked salmon and cream—and perhaps a hit of brandy or whiskey. It’s fast food Italian style.

    English Name: Penne pasta with salmon · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Penne Arrabbiata

    Penne Arrabbiata is basic pasta that’s spicy, the degree of “madness” determining how much stinging of the tongue the pasta will produce.

    English Name: Penne in a spicy tomato sauce · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pici all'Aglione

    Pici all’Aglione is a fat spaghetti made without eggs sauced with long-cooked tomatoes and lightly sauteed garlic—lots of it!

    English Name: Pici pasta with a garlic sauce · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pizzoccheri

    Pizzoccheri is a buckwheat flour pasta that fits with the heavier cuisine of the Lombardy region where it borders with Switzerland.

    English Name: Pizzoccheri · Course: Hearty first course · Author

  • Ravioli di Mare

    Ravioli di mare is seafood ravioli, which is always quite good along the coast of Italy and something you don’t get inland.

    English Name: Seafood Ravioli · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Ribollita

    Ribollita is a Tuscan bread soup made with white beans and leafy greens. You’ll find it on restaurant menus in Florence down to Siena. It’s a very popular soup in the Chianti region.

    English Name: Ribollita · Course: Primo Piatto · Author