• Lombrichelli allo Scoglio

    A thick, handmade spaghetti called Lombrichelli is paired with seafood in this classic dish of Lazio.

    English Name: Fat spaghetti with seafood · Course: Primo Piatto, Pasta · Author

  • Lorighittas con i gamberi

    Lorighittas is pasta from Sardinia formed into a ring like two strands of twisted spaghetti. These days it’s served with shrimp, zucchini, or artichokes.

    English Name: Lorighittas with shrimp · Course: Primo Piatto, Pasta · Author

  • Minestrone

    Minestrone is a thick vegetable soup without a fixed recipe that takes advantage of what’s fresh in the garden.

    English Name: Minestrone · Course: Primo Piatto, Soup · Author

  • Orecchiette con salsiccia e cima di rape

    Orecchiette con salsiccia e cima di rape and other variations with anchovies and tomato sauce are classic primi piatti from Puglia.

    English Name: "Little Ears" pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pane Frattau

    Pane frattau was born in the Barbagia region of Sardinia, a dish of layered carta di musica bread, tomato sauce and pecorino sardo cheese. You’ll find it in many restaurants in the Sardinian interior listed as a primo piatto.

    English Name: Pane frattau · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Panigacci al pesto

    Panigacci al pesto is a primo piatto found in a very limited corner of La Lunigiana, in the towns of Aulla and Podenzana.

    English Name: (Crepes?) with pesto · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pappa al Pomodoro

    Pappa al Pomodoro is a summer tomato soup served warm or at ambient temperature, a mixture of tomatoes, bread, fresh herbs, and a light broth or water.

    English Name: Tomato soup or tomato pap · Course: Primo Piatto · Author

  • Pasta (trofie) zucchine e noci

    Pasta with walnuts and zucchini is a spring primo piatto that’s simple and satisfying without tomatoes.

    English Name: Pasta with zucchini and walnuts · Course: Primo Piatto, Pasta · Author

  • Pasta all'Amatriciana

    Pasta all’Amatriciana is a pasta with a tomato sauce enhanced by guanciale, pecorino cheese and sometimes onion, a traditional primo piatto of not only Amatrice but of Rome

    English Name: Pasta all'Amatriciana · Course: Primo Piatto, Pasta · Author

  • Pasta alla Puttanesca

    Pasta alla Puttanesca comes to us from around Naples. It’s a fairly recent addition to Cucina Italiana, but everyone in Naples can cook, even the women of the evening.

    English Name: The Whore's Pasta · Course: Primo Piatto · Author