Coniglio alla ligure
Rabbit has never tasted so good!

Coniglio alla ligure | Ligurian Rabbit

Coniglio alla ligure is rabbit cooked in the manner of Ligurians. The rabbit is cooked with aromatic vegetables, wine, and two iconic Ligurian ingredients: olives and pine nuts.

The dish is common in Liguria, but you’ll find it in the adjacent Italian regions as well.

Rabbit in Italy is quite a bit different than in the US, where it’s fed on pellets rather than the copious grasses it likes to consume. It’s also very low in fat. The rabbit kidney is one of the treats of cooking a rabbit like this, and in an expert kitchen like that of the Albergo Amici in Varese Liguria where this picture was taken, the meat of the rabbit is moist and tender and quite flavorful. You should try it.

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Italian Name: Coniglio alla ligure
English Name: Rabbit, Ligurian Style
Course: Secondo piatto, main course
Where you're most likely to find it: Italy, especially Liguria