Pani ca' Meusa
Palermo street food: Spleen Sandwich, a Budget Traveler Delight!

Palermo: Pani ca' Meusa | Spleen Sandwich

Pani ca’ Meusa is a spleen sandwich, often sold from stands on the street. It contains cow spleen and bits of the lung that have been boiled and then, just before it hits the bread, warmed in hot pig lard. In Palermo, this sandwich will cost around 2 euro, and makes a whole meal you can tell your friends about.

You can also order Pani ca’ Meusa Maritata style, sprinkled with caciocavallo and/or ricotta, an Arab tradition in Sicily.

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Italian Name: Pani ca' Meusa
English Name: Spleen Sandwich
Course: Main course, street food
Where you're most likely to find it: Palermo, Sicily