• Anguilla allo spiedo

    Anguilla allo spiedo means skewered eel, a dish you might find in central and southern Italy and in Sardinia. It is usually roasted over hardwood or charcoal and makes a fine main course or festival food.

    English Name: Skewered, roasted eel · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Pani ca' Meusa

    Pani ca’ Meusa is a spleen sandwich, a cheap meal in Palermo from restaurants and stands on the street.

    English Name: Spleen Sandwich · Course: Main course, street food · Author

  • Pizza Bianca

    The white pizza, pizza bianca, comes without that tomato sauce base you’ve come to expect. But you don’t need tomato on a pizza, and a white pizza can be a blank canvas for creative pizza wizards.

    English Name: White pizza · Course: Secondo piatto, main course, or sometimes a primo if you like · Author

  • Pizza Capricciosa

    Pizza Capricciosa has a standard list of ingredients for toppings, but other toppings can be added capriciously. And that’s the fun of it.

    English Name: Pizza Capriciosa · Course: Second or as Street Food · Author