• Pizza Bianca

    The white pizza, pizza bianca, comes without that tomato sauce base you’ve come to expect. But you don’t need tomato on a pizza, and a white pizza can be a blank canvas for creative pizza wizards.

    English Name: White pizza · Course: Secondo piatto, main course, or sometimes a primo if you like · Author

  • Pizza Capricciosa

    Pizza Capricciosa has a standard list of ingredients for toppings, but other toppings can be added capriciously. And that’s the fun of it.

    English Name: Pizza Capriciosa · Course: Second or as Street Food · Author

  • Polpettone di carne: meatloaf or meatballs

    Ground meat, seafood, or even vegetables and toasted bread crumbs can be made into the Italian version of meatloaf and (meat)balls.

    English Name: Meatloaf or meatballs · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Saltimbocca alla Romana

    Saltimbocca alla Romana, a Roman classic main course, will jump in your mouth with a combination of veal, prosciutto, sage and white wine.

    English Name: Veal with prosciutto and sage in a wine sauce · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Spezzatino di Cinghiale - Wild Boar Stew

    Spezzatino di Cinghiale is a traditional stew of while boar found frequently on restaurant menus in Tuscany and Umbria. It’s heavy and not for the faint of heart—but it’s also one of the great traditional dishes of Italy.

    English Name: Wild Boar Stew · Course: Secondo Piatto, or with pasta as a Primo Piatto · Author

  • Stinco di maiale al forno con patate

    Stinco di maiale al forno con patate, pork shank with potatoes, is a traditional, rich winter’s main course in Northern Italian restaurants.

    English Name: Pork shank roasted in the oven with potatoes · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Stufato di Vitello | Stewed Veal

    Stufato di Vitello, or Spezzatino di Vitello, indicates a veal stew, with the pieces cut smaller in the spezzatino. It’s a real treat despite having a rather unromantic name.

    English Name: Veal Stew · Course: Secondo Piatto · Author

  • Triglie

    Triglie are a delicate white fleshed fish with a reddish skin most commonly found on Italian menus in the form of Triglie alla Livornese, cooked gently in a tomato based sauce.

    English Name: Red Mullet · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Trippa alla Romana

    Trippa alla Romana, Roman style tripe might make you think bad thoughts, but it is part of the essential Roman experience.

    English Name: Roman Style Tripe · Course: Secondo piatto, main course · Author

  • Uova con Tartufo | Egg with Truffles

    Eggs with truffles, uova con tartufo, are the perfect combination of everyday and spectacular. During the truffle seasons they appear in both first courses and main courses.

    English Name: Eggs with Truffles · Course: Primo or Secondo piatto--or breakfast if you're lucky · Author